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Summer Gaze is Here

We witnessed it at the start of the year with Birmingham’s trippy neo-psychedelic scamps 'Peace' now it seems that a slew of bands are following suit aiming straight for the stars whilst dipping their toes in the acid rock cauldron and lets not forget the fact that Shoe-gazers Mazzy Starr are making their long awaited return.All of these elements suggest that a summer of psychedelia is upon us Three of the bands that are creating their own brand of intoxication over our attentive ears and minds are MONEY, Swim Deep and sit back relax forget about the rain and bask in their glorious array of sounds.


Manchester’s M O N E Y have been making waves for around two years charming new music fans with their combination of ornate instrumentation and feelings of loss. Their music is alike to recalling photographs and memories from a forgotten childhood but whilst also nostalgic is inspiring.Of course Manchester music has a long standing relationship with melancholy and sadness with the likes of Joy Division and The Smiths all basing their music around these aesthetics. Where M O N E Y stand-out is that they create music which although is tinged with sadness ultimately becomes something inspiring and uplifting. They recently played a gig at the Sacred Trinity Church in Salford which was the perfect setting for their spiritual sounds.Take new track ‘Bluebell Fields’ which effortlessly takes you away with their intricate layers of guitar and impassioned vocals that could easily become something morose but becomes a rare thing of beauty and wonderment.  

You can check out the video for ‘bluebell fields’ below:  for more info check them out on facebook

Swim Deep

Another band from Birmingham who like PEACE have a psychadelic facet but have a warmth rather than a spikiness to their music. Cutting their teeth with Two Door CInema Club on tour they have been slowly converting fans to the majesty of their swirling atmospheric indie pop. Taking their mantle on Chess Club records the label that brought us Kyla Le Grange and Lulu James   
they are in good company already. The band though are not ones to rest on their laurels as they let their music do the talking as recent single ‘She Changes The Weather’ which might have a bit of a baggy style about  it putting in mind of early Stone Roses but its wispy vocals and squalls of guitar create a heady moment of swoonsome pop to lose ones self to. Something in the water in Birmingham-maybe?

you can listen to ‘She Changes the Weather’ below:-


Its easy to mistake the Northampton band's track ‘ Colours of Life’ as a long lost 60s psychedelic track on the old ‘ Nuggets’ series, but the band are giving psychadelia a new lease of life with their combination of folk pop and psychedelic sensibilities. Whilst some may dismiss the track as repetitive trash, they are clearly missing the point of the track. With ‘Colours to Life’ Temples have created an intricate  tapestry of sounds that should easily win neo psychedelic fans over.Noel Gallagher stated recently that Temples are more important than the prospective Oasis reunion and I'm inclined to agree. The notion that the track could sound so much more epic in a live setting is a mouthwatering prospect but for now ‘Colours to Life’ in its single form will be the perfect trip to drift away on.

You can check out the brilliant trippy video for Colours to Life below:- for more information check their facebook.

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