Friday, 19 April 2013

British Sea Power Impress In Manchester

British Sea Power @ Manchester Gorilla 11.4.13

Throughout their tenure Brighton's British sea power have worn their eccentricities proudly as was shown on their complex yet quietly brilliant début,'Decline of British Sea Power'. However with each release they have been perfecting their songcraft to display a more anthemic and dreamlike quality to their music and occasionally have struck gold with 'Open Season' and 'Do you like Rock Music?' which was their grand statement and possibly their confirmation of true British rock royalty.

Their new release is said to be their best effort yet combining a raucous sound alongside their trademark slow-burn anthems but it is really on the live stage that they function best as this was where all those years ago Geoff Travis was taken with their chaotic live set complete with animal stage props and signed them on the spot to rough trade 

So BSP are back and are playing two nights at Manchester's Gorilla with a bit of a change to the normal routine playing 2 sets one early on then one later. Never ones to do things by the book BSP don't disappoint a packed venue with nature paraphernalia on the stage which gives it the outdoor experience indoors. Their first set serves as a mouthwatering appetizer to what's to come with a couple of new songs an old one or two thrown in whilst switching vocalist duties which works to mesmerizing effect later on.

This is followed by an adequate bluesy folk set by Glasgow's sparrow and the workshop with an american country vocalist it seems but you get the feeling people are just holding out for the 2nd BSP set. 

Sure enough it doesn't disappoint arriving on stage via a military backing track and 'Venus in furs' which becomes relevant later and a ventriloquist? different. BSP part 2 begins with slowbuilding anthem from frontman Yan machineries of joy to hit in waiting velvets-like 'spring is sprung' sung to perfection by Hamilton to classic 'fear of drowning' to 'waving flags' which invokes the first mass sing along into the quirky new track loving animals to shouts of easy! easy! for 2nd big sing along of the night- 'no lucifer' they barely pause for breath in an incendiary set which shows why they are one of the best live bands around although their sound demands a bigger venue than the small surrounds of gorilla. 

BSP always stood out from the crowd but now they have attained national treasure status.

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