Sunday, 9 November 2014

Cold Comforts

It’s getting towards that time of year again when the cold is seeping in its wet dark and miserable outside and last summer is just a distant memory. Luckily, though you can’t depend on the weather one thing you can still depend on is the music as this is still going strong at this time of year as these 3 female fronted bands and a new favourite show. So take comfort in some of the best new music around at the moment and banish those winter blues.
First Aid Kit – Stay Gold

From their second album of the same name this is the title track. It represents a musical progression in sound for the Swedish siblings and is a lush downtempo delight. With the Soderberg’s sweet vocals close harmonies and questioning why things can’t just stay as they are. Some may recall they were a musical highlight on this very blog a couple of years ago as ones to watch see in their twenties the sisters display a songwriting that belies their tender years and it’s a perfect introduction to their ethereal country pop sound. Check out the video below

 Honeyblood – Choker

It’s natural on first listen to Honeyblood’s scuzzy yet sugary pop, to think that they could be a bigger band than they actually are. The fact that these two Glasgow gals have such a fully formed sound is quite incredible considering their minimal set up.  Choker is one of their key tracks from their debut album out soon and its tight riffs and punky vocals made you sit up and take notice but it’s really how they craft their songs which shows off their musical nous. With its sinister backbone musically and lyrically peppered by sugary sweet vocals it’s a defining moment for the duo and promises more tracks in this ilk for their debut album. NME certainly think a lot of them including them on their recent New Breed Tour. Add to that they are on the achingly cool indie label Brighton’s FatCat records home to Frightened Rabbit and The Twilight Sad that’s another plus for them.
You can check out 'Choker' on the link below along with other tracks from the band
Lucius – Tempest

At the other end of the spectrum and back in safe surrounds we find Lucius another female fronted band from over the pond. Yes they are from that prime location for musical artists Brooklyn but this indie pop five piece craft dreamy layered pop with vocals that are reminiscent of 60s girl groups. Tempest is a perfect introduction to multi-layered sounds with its soaring synths and sweet vocals along with their uplifting lyrics ‘just gotta believe’ its clear that the band are on to a winner and they have even got the look sorted with their matching outfits  and moustachioed backing band. You can find tempest on their latest album Wildewoman.


Ben Howard – I Forget Where We Were

This might come as a bit of a shock to his many adoring fans but Ben Howard never did anything for me, whether it was constant radio play he got, the mumbling vocals and the uninteresting songs. Every Kingdom his debut made him huge but it didn’t really strike a chord with me. One listen to one of the prime cuts. title track from his ‘adventurous’ new release ‘I forget Where We Were’ and that disjointed feeling changed in an instant. It might have been the hazy guitar intro reminiscent of ‘War on Drugs’ another essential album this year which might have led me in but what hit me was the emotional and musical depth of the track in fact – I was totally floored by it. No longer was he treading water he was actually showing his genius as an artist. I had found my new favourite in Ben Howard. You can check out his stunning new release ‘I Forget Where We Were’ which is out now.

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