Sunday, 7 October 2012

Summer Like It's Hot

Lets be realistic we’ve not had much of a summer this year. Despite a few sunny intervals its been a case of torrential downpours with some thunder and lightening. As summer ebbs away and the colder autumn nights draw in,at least there’s one thing that you can depend that is the music which is enough to give you a sunny disposition turning that frown upside down.

Here are three recent tracks that provide enough reason to keep those spirits up :)

KINDNESS - That's Alright

If you passed Adam Bainbridge in the street you might choose to ignore him with his shaggy haired appearance and sombre demeanour but when it comes to music he does more than enough to convince you that taking a punt on his music would be well worth it. Kindness released an album in March this year which didn’t really arrive with too much fanfare and although it was a mixed batch of 80s influenced R&B grooves/sophisticated pop(even including the Anita Dobson Eastenders forgettable single 'anyone can fall in love') less said about that the better,it was an intriguing mix.
Just in time for summers end Kindness has opted to release ‘Thats Alright’ which is from his album 'World,You Need a Change of Mind' from its jazzy intro to its 80s style groove becomes 4 minutes of unadulterated pop goodness and should have you reaching for the play button again.

Check out the audio for ‘That's Alright’ below

DAN CROLL - From Nowhere

If ever there was a true symbol of a workaholic Dan Croll would be that person. Not content with leading Liverpool Math Rockers Dire Wolfe, he is now releasing music on his own terms aided by the very able assistance of Joe Wills. If the name sounds familiar that would may be because I highlighted Dan as 'one to watch' at the beginning of the year see but as a songwriter he seems to have grown and this is particularly evident on recent track ‘From Nowhere’ which cleverly combines a mixture of old and new instrumentation with the use of acoustic guitars and electronics to become a summer jam worth talking about. What is great about Dan is he is now getting the deserved acclaim from the bigwigs in the industry with radio airplay and even topping the Hype Music chart which is no mean feat. His full UK tour can't come soon enough.

You can check out the video of From Nowhere below and the track is available for download via the link

Theme Park- Jamaica

If there was one team that ran a close second to the most thrilling to watch it was Jamaica with the likes of Bolt and Blake powering down the home straight.

This new track from Theme park perfectly sums up this feeling with its sunny guitar and electronic beats and laidback vocals its easy to be transported back to the heady days of the summer olympics and might just make you want to think about taking a vacation.All in all a perfect example of a summery tune from a top band even if its the end of the summer.

check out the video below,'Jamaica' is out now, see their facebook page for more info

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