Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Girls Do It Better

Over the past few months there’s been quite a few new releases from male artists and groups. Whilst there have been some good efforts from the likes of Odd Futures's Frank Ocean, Richard Hawley and Plan B, there hasn't been too much happening on the female front.

That’s about to change though with a number of female artists and bands that are coming to the fore and are proving that Girl Power is still very much alive and well and that Girls do it better.. Rock that is!

Here are a few British and American artists/bands set to make their mark.

Enjoy J

1  Savages

They have been compared to Joy Division and Siouxie and the Banshees so they already have a high bar to reach but this post punk all girl band from London more than justify the hype with their riotous mix of punk and visceral rock. Their sound is a ‘take no prisoners’ noise that only really needs be heard to be believed.

Signature track ‘Husbands’ rides on frenetic rhythms and throbbing bass as Siouxie like-vocals ring out over some slashing guitar noises building to a climax of epic proportions over screams that leaves you breathless. ‘Flying to Berlin’ is a more poppy number but no less brilliant with its sky-scraping guitar and quivering vocals.

 The fact that they sold out Manchester’s Deaf Institute recently shows how much Savages are acclaimed. They are set for bigger things and the best thing about is its a band of Brits, chalk up another for Team GB in the talent stakes.

Check out their website/Facebook for more info.

Husbands and Flying to Berlin are available below.

2   Jessie Ware

 While one Jessie sheds her Indie credibility and reverts to type joining the likes of Guetta and TV fodder,The Voice, another is staking a strong claim for her Indie crown.

She has been referred to as the Sade of UK bass which gives you an idea of how well she is regarded in the blogosphere. Having cut her musical chops as a backing singer with South London Producer SBTRKT  the south London singer songwriter like Katy B came from London underground dubstep and grime station Rinse FM.

Jessie Ware follows Katy B towards the limelight. Unlike Katy B she has a more lo-fi feel and soul vocal with more of a lavish production. Key track 110% beautifully showcases her stunning vocals along with a sparse but brilliant dubstep production. ’Running’ her previous single is sultry and breathtaking with the full extent of her flexible vocal and songwriting on show and one listen to new track ‘Wildest Moments’ its clear why she is Britain’s next great female hope.

Her album ‘Devotion’ is out later this month and she is due to tour the UK in November the year. She will be hitting Manchester’s Sound Control on Nov 8th so be sure to check her out then.

You can check out her brilliant smash ‘110%’ below.

For more info check out her Facebook/website

3  Charli XCX

'We need to reboot British girl power but with edge' is what 19 year old, Charlotte Aitchison AKA CharliXCX is quoted as saying on her Facebook page which could be seen as a bit of a pretentious statement from a teenager who may have once like others been a fan of girl bands but having released a debut album at 14 and become a hit on the hackney rave scene with her gothy electro sounds she might just be the one to inject the music scene with some attitude.

At times she may sound a little like Ladyhawke and Marina but that is not a criticism as she has a boundless energy and talent in spades and her carefreeness easily wins out against the latter.

Just take a listen to her mixtape ‘Heartbreaks and Earthquakes’ complete with Kill Bill audioclips which is available if you sign up for her mailing list (hint hint) and prepare to be astounded by her musical nous. 

Her vibrant energetic industrial pop is dark and infectious but her new single ‘You’re the One’ could easily be the best track with its towering glammy backing, infectious melody and energetic vocal.

Girl Power is on the rise again headed by CharliXCX she will be packing out those stadiums soon but she’s doing it all her way.

Check out her website for tour info and for a free download of the brilliant mixtape

You’re the One is out Aug but you can check out the ace video below

4  Haim

Haim is comprised of three sisters from sunny California who with their unusual but infectious mix of R&B and folk rock are making waves over the Atlantic. Shut your eyes and one listen to the upbeat dancey ‘Forever’ and your back at the school disco throwing shapes, the chorus sounds a little like the 90s melody from Donna Lewis’s "I love you always forever". Remember Her? This isn’t such a bad thing as it’s the sweet vocals and harmonies and slashes of guitar that make the song unique as well as the gritty lyrics.

The other two songs on their Forever EP show that the girls aren’t one trick ponies as they show off the full extent with ‘Better Off’ starting off with accapella and close harmonies followed by an irresistible hip hop beat.’Go Slow’ is a more mellow type of tune whilst maybe not too radio friendly with its coarse language but its no less interesting with its folky vocals and electronic beats.

It might have you go digging for those Wilson Philips and Fleetwood Mac albums but Haim are breathing new life into the folk genre and are set to be huge

You can see their video for 'Forever' below

For more info check out their Facebook page 

5 Jezzy & the Belles

Last but not least, here is yet another reason, why New York is still a hotbed for talent. Brooklyn born Singer Songwriter Jessica Eisenberg has been quietly crafting lush electronic folk in the vein of fellow New Yorkers. Blonde Redhead and our very own Massive Attack but the understated dreamy production provided by her band ‘the Belles’ perfectly compliments her sweet vocals. ‘By Proxy’ draws you in with its gentle strumming and delicate vocals which gradually builds to an arresting listen. ‘Confess Child’ changes tack with its trip hop production and sombre brass accompaniment along with wistful vocals which makes for a captivating listen.

With such musical talent and this many ideas it’s extremely hard to resist her charms.

No plans for a UK tour yet but she is touring America and has released an album recently in the States ‘Compasses & Maps’ is available to download from the website below and on Soundcloud

You can check out the dazzling video for recent single 'Confess Child' below

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