Friday, 23 September 2011

Happy Anniversary Nevermind

What better way to start off the blog with Nirvana one of the world's greatest rock bands. 

Their classic album Nevermind celebrates its 20th year with a 20th Anniversary special edition boxset and a must for all Nirvana fans old and new.

Fronted by the infamous Kurt Cobain with niceman Dave Grohl on drums and Krist Novoselic on bass,they were one of the most talented bands of their generation as well as of all time.

At a time when an underground genre 'Grunge' was just that.Nirvana along with other prime movers blasted it into the mainstream.

Its success was unexpected but the album managed to sell 30 million copies since its release date on the 24th September 1991.

The controversial album cover featuring a baby and a dollar note just added to its brilliance

With so many key tracks to choose from,Smells Like Teen Spirit,Lithium the moody masterpiece something in the way and 'Polly' who's melody was loosely borrowed by Los Angeles four piece Warpaint and to good effect may I add.

I thought 'Come As You Are' would be a good choice, of course there are many many other great tunes to pick from but this is one the best. 

Happy 20th Anniversary Nevermind :)  R.I.P Kurt

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